Definition of Goorkha in English:



  • old-fashioned spelling of Gurkha
    • ‘In another temple, the doorman's attire resembles that of the present day Goorkhas.’
    • ‘West of Nepal was a small clan, the Goorkhas, whose people were noted for their war-like daring.’
    • ‘But the Regiment did not cheer with the Highlanders, nor did they dance uncouth dances with the Goorkhas among the dead.’
    • ‘Gone are the days when it was only the Kukhri-wielding Nepali Goorkhas or security guards sporting big mustaches and guns who used to guard your homes and offices.’
    • ‘The Sikkimputtee Rajah engages for himself and successors to abstain from any acts of aggression or hostility against the Goorkhas or any other State.’