Definition of goon bag in English:

goon bag


  • The bag inside a carton of cheap wine.

    ‘school leavers drink from goon bags in the park’
    • ‘I mean where else can you have glass art, gamer chat, goon bags, moist tacos, long walks home in record time.’
    • ‘He drinks out of a goon bag and starts rolling a smoke.’
    • ‘Asleep with an inflated goon bag as a pillow.’
    • ‘Then a goon bag was had (I won't drink goon now unless it's in bag form).’
    • ‘The wine I bought had a totally sick looking label (and wasn't even a goon bag!).’
    • ‘Others place "goon bags" down their jeans, where security guards are not allowed to search.’
    • ‘He latched onto the tap of the goon bag like it was some over-swollen teat.’
    • ‘The music plays on an indefinite loop while you drown your misery in a goon bag.’
    • ‘The creator of the goon bag, which was officially titled Bulk Carrier, entered another piece into the 2015 exhibition with great result.’
    • ‘Ever the trickster, Josh sneaks in a glass from a cheapo goon bag to see if she can tell the difference.’


1990s: from goon.