Definition of Googlewhack in English:



  • A search term consisting of two words, with no surrounding quotation marks, that produces one single result when entered into the search engine Google.

    ‘stumbling upon a Googlewhack is less likely’
    • ‘Shortly after his 31st birthday, he discovered his website had a Googlewhack!’
    • ‘I decided to try my hand at a rapid Googlewhack.’
    • ‘They're not easy to find, but I decided that with all the many pages on my website, at least one of them must contain a Googlewhack.’
    • ‘Except of course none of those are true Googlewhacks, due to Google claiming each one contains a word it does not recognise.’
    • ‘"Fertile conservatism" sounds almost like a googlewhack!’
    • ‘I get the distinct impression that a search referral like "bonjela melodica" is somebody's attempt at a googlewhack.’
    • ‘Thanks to a small obsession, I've discovered that the site has it's very own Googlewhack.’
    • ‘"Once you find out what a Googlewhack is, if you haven't got the curiosity to look for more, you're not human," he says.’
    • ‘It turns out I've got a Googlewhack; you'll have to follow this link to Google to see it.’
    • ‘I finally got a Googlewhack (by accident) just now.’


2002: coined by the American entrepreneur Gary Stock, from Google, the proprietary name of the popular Internet search engine, + whack; popularized by the British comedian Dave Gorman.