Definition of goofus in English:



  • A foolish or stupid person (often used as a general term of abuse).

    • ‘Even now, years after Vince McMahon himself openly admitted pro wrestling's choreographed, there's still the odd goofus who acts like this is still a revelation.’
    • ‘I liked her because she liked me and didn't think I was a goofus.’
    • ‘Avery was the burly curly-haired twinkle-eyed guy, and Burns was the lanky goofus.’
    • ‘Apparently, these goofuses actually expected the applause of a grateful public, but instead folks are appalled at what they are trying to do to us.’
    • ‘She hadn't been on a date for over a year, and the good doctor was infinitely more sophisticated and charming than all the goofuses she had been with combined.’
    idiot, ass, halfwit, nincompoop, blockhead, buffoon, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, imbecile, dullard, moron, simpleton, clod
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1920s: based on goof.