Definition of goofiness in English:



  • See goofy

    • ‘In this case our hero is played by Hugh Grant, who seems to have foregone, as of Bridget Jones's Diary, his stammering goofiness for a more solidified, slightly caddish charm.’
    • ‘Considered a cultural touchstone for '80s goofiness, upon re-viewing, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure reveals itself as a great, smart comedy.’
    • ‘Nothing is wrong with individuals finding creativity, imagination, merriment, exuberance, playfulness, or goofiness in what they undertake in camp experiences.’
    • ‘Working a couple of shifts in a row with same people means that the goofiness will only get worse.’
    • ‘I'd rather see her with someone who appreciates her goofiness and cheesiness than someone who finds it annoying and wants to change her.’