Definition of goody-goody in English:



  • A smug or ostentatiously virtuous person.

    • ‘He's chirpy, enthusiastic and obsessively neat - a bit of a goody-goody, in fact.’
    • ‘Conner was known about the school as the goody-goody to all teachers and a suck up to Jocks.’
    • ‘Keeping cool doesn't make you a wimp or goody-goody - it shows maturity.’
    • ‘Ever since your suspension, you've been all goody-goody since then.’
    • ‘If the teacher ever leaves the room and puts a few goody-goodies in charge, look out.’
    • ‘David and I never got along very well - I found him to be a jerk most of the time and he found me to be a goody-goody - but he was a good hockey player so we both tried to tolerate each other.’
    • ‘His nicknames for me were annoying and I could tell that he thought of me as a preppy goody-goody.’
    • ‘They weren't all insufferable goody-goodies as children, or always models of perfect sanctity as adults.’
    • ‘He was like a god to goody-goodies like Nicole and her friends.’
    • ‘I wasn't a goody-goody; I mean, I drank at parties and all, but I generally found getting drunk seemed to be both dangerous and pointless.’
    • ‘Then Dave muttered something about her being a goody-goody, they all laughed, and walked away.’
    • ‘He despised such people, goody-goodies annoyed the hell out of him, especially when it was his own two-faced cousin.’
    • ‘She's kind of a goody-goody and quiet, but is just so awesome.’
    • ‘Among some sections of the party, Martin is regarded as too much of a goody-goody, too much the altar boy.’
    • ‘I decide to lie to save my hide - who wouldn't except for, well, those goody-goodies with such conscientious hearts?’
    • ‘Kaitlin had been one of the goody-goodies in school.’
    • ‘During the whole horribly stressful process you have to be a goody-goody.’
    • ‘Maybe if you stopped going out with such a boring, goody-goody, you'd be much better off.’
    • ‘Even more special was the loyalty the class exhibited when he asked where it was - not one person, not even the goody-goody, said a word.’
    • ‘He was always trying to encourage me to bunk off and go hang out in the caff at the park, but I being the goody-goody that I was always refused convinced I'd get caught.’


  • Smug or ostentatiously virtuous.

    • ‘I'm not exactly a troublemaker but then I'm not a goody-goody type student either.’
    • ‘I have some goody-goody friends who are really nice, but we don't have anything in common.’
    • ‘If fairy tales make you think of simpering goody-goody princesses and men in tights with page boy haircuts, has Ella Enchanted got a surprise for you.’
    • ‘Oh, but he's too goody-goody to let her know or do anything about it.’
    • ‘He is so different from all the other boring, goody-goody superheroes.’
    • ‘From high school, I felt that I had the goody-goody thing and the academic thing pretty well locked up, but I was a geek in need of a social life, so I moved into a frat.’
    • ‘Strictly not for the sweet goody-goody music listeners, is this album.’
    • ‘At that time, their denial was their belief that they were popular all over the World as a paternalistic big brotherly, goody-goody neighbor.’
    • ‘I continued to hold the smile, feeling like on of those goody-goody teacher's pets.’
    • ‘Maybe they just like goody-goody sweet entertainment.’
    • ‘My goody-goody reputation would have been gone forever.’
    • ‘Hattie was the little goody-goody sister, and I was the bad one.’
    • ‘If she had still been a goody-goody she would have been so modest and fainted at the idea.’
    • ‘But that's exactly what Edwards has shown he can't or won't do, for fear of blemishing his goody-goody image.’
    • ‘This approach isn't just a matter of goody-goody liberal ideals; it's the only solution that has any hope of working in the long run.’
    • ‘The goody-goody story he told - actually, he made it up - about little George cutting down the cherry tree has a nice moral, but it was too good to be true.’
    • ‘Moore is Julie, the goody-goody daughter of a reverend in a North Carolina town.’
    • ‘He looked like the goody-goody boy next door, tall and with a slight build, a little tanned, with wavy brown hair and plain brown eyes.’
    • ‘I didn't want my school friends to think of me as a goody-goody type just because I was a pastor's kid, so I swore and drank and got high with them.’
    • ‘Despite his goody-goody reputation Deverin was usually the one who either supplied Wolf with the necessary means of his trouble making, or got him out of trouble.’
    self-righteous, sanctimonious, pious
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