Definition of good nature in English:

good nature


  • A kind and unselfish disposition.

    ‘your boy has a good nature’
    • ‘‘They must also be calm, have a good temperament and a good nature,’ he added.’
    • ‘Whilst we were blessed once again with good weather, we were doubly blessed by the good nature and public spirit of the people of Kendal and visitors alike.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, her good nature is endlessly taken advantage of by bosses who find her far too useful to ever think of promoting her.’
    • ‘But recently I'm afraid they have started to take advantage of my good nature.’
    • ‘Eileen retained her infectious good nature all through the years and she had a greeting and word of welcome for all.’
    • ‘We have to praise, in general, demonstrators for their good nature.’
    • ‘Your mother has worked hard for years for a succession of employers who don't value her talents, and who have exploited her good nature.’
    • ‘His public appeal has been heightened by the good nature with which he has taken ribbing about his likeness to the movie character Harry Potter.’
    • ‘You come away entranced by the good nature of the couple.’
    • ‘There is no reason why the organisers should take advantage of the good nature, the enthusiasm and the patriotism of paying customers in this way.’
    • ‘As news spread of her passing, many reminisced on her good nature, her kindness and many of her other characteristics that endeared her so much to family and friends.’
    • ‘If there was one common thread running through the artists I spoke to, it's their good natures, and Kat is by far the bubbliest of the bunch.’
    • ‘I will not let my good nature be abused like that ever again.’
    • ‘The mistake I made which I most regret was to underestimate the good nature and tolerance of my fellow Australians.’
    • ‘I was all set for a fit of superb grouchiness but if someone can make me laugh, my good nature comes back pretty quickly.’
    • ‘I like to think that it was my good nature that meant that I was the person that got on with everyone, and often used to sit up to the small hours of the morning with people who just wanted someone to talk to.’
    • ‘Beware of people who take advantage of your good nature.’
    • ‘Lucas had to feel awed at his good nature and patience.’
    • ‘It did your heart good to have a chat with Frank, knowing that his infectious good nature would help you along the day's journey.’
    • ‘Her good nature and caring compassion was ever to the fore and she was highly popular with both staff and patients.’
    kindness, kindliness, tenderness, benignity, humaneness, humanity
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good nature