Definition of good guts in English:

good guts


NZ, Australian
  • The truth of the matter; the facts.

    ‘the good guts is you'll have a fabulous time’
    • ‘Heard the late good guts on the leave?’
    • ‘Got any good guts on replacements?’
    • ‘He hugs his sister and tells her in broad Yorkshire what Australia is all about, the good guts of Elizabeth (town, not Queen).’
    • ‘Just givin' yer the good guts, that's all.’
    • ‘Let me give ya the good guts.’
    • ‘However you go, the good guts is you'll have an abso-bobby-dazzling-lutely time!’
    • ‘C'mon don't hold back—give us the good guts, ay?’
    • ‘Any good guts about what's going on in Melbourne?’
    • ‘I reckon I should have had a chinwag with someone who could give me some good guts before I left.’
    • ‘They had got the good guts from an old miner who had lived there once, made his haul, and departed.’