Definition of good faith in English:

good faith


mass noun
  • Honesty or sincerity of intention.

    ‘the details contained in this brochure have been published in good faith’
    • ‘It is difficult to obey the law when we do not know if, despite acting in good faith, we are breaking it.’
    • ‘A spokesman for the school said the head teacher had acted in good faith by putting out the abduction warning.’
    • ‘The hard fact is that in at least one incident, though I acted in good faith, I got it wrong.’
    • ‘The prime minister may have acted in good faith but clearly procedure was not followed.’
    • ‘If the course was offered and your son, in good faith, enrolled, it should run.’
    • ‘These people moved from their house in good faith and have been left in limbo.’
    • ‘The law presumes that the defamatory statement was made honestly and in good faith.’
    • ‘First of all, good faith in this context requires more than just honest ineptitude.’
    • ‘His sincerity and good faith are obvious as is his passionate identification with those at the bottom of the heap.’
    • ‘I purchased the computer in good faith and from the beginning it was faulty.’
    • ‘I published the original slur in good faith and am happy to correct the record.’
    • ‘He will need to persuade Northern Ireland communities on both sides of the fence that he is acting in good faith.’
    • ‘There was no need for us to carry out these amendments - they were done entirely as an act of good faith.’
    • ‘There was a misunderstanding but I realise now that everything was done in good faith.’
    • ‘If it then turns out that nothing is found, well, all we need say is that it was all genuinely done in good faith.’
    • ‘The law requires that the employer negotiates in good faith and recognizes the union.’
    • ‘He said while some unsuspecting victims might buy them in good faith, others were well aware of the trade.’
    • ‘It may be said that the newly elected Labour administration acted in good faith.’
    • ‘All other processes that they had entered into in good faith had been exhausted.’
    • ‘Adams said they could not put the blame totally at the officials door and she knew they acted in good faith.’
    honesty, genuineness, truthfulness, lack of deceit, integrity, probity, trustworthiness
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good faith