Definition of good doer in English:

good doer


  • A thing, especially a cultivated plant or domesticated animal, that thrives or performs well without special attention.

    ‘he is a good doer and people often say ‘Is that all your horse gets to eat?’ in amazement’
    • ‘Animals which are ‘good doers’ may be hypothyroid or have an abnormal peripheral cortisol enzyme system.’
    • ‘Among the good doers at this time of year are fuchsias both tender and hardy although the tender species will soon have to be gathered in and put somewhere sheltered for winter.’
    • ‘Although the late flowers are the main attraction of this plant, it is a ‘good doer’ for almost the whole year.’
    • ‘The funny thing is that he's not usually a good doer but lately he has been licking out his feed bin.’
    • ‘For a ‘good doer’ Aster frikartii ‘Monch’ can hardly be beaten among Michaelmas daisies for flowering period and colour and this year our five- or six-year-old specimen has surpassed itself.’
    • ‘A good doer who lives on fresh air will be at the lower end of the scale and one who is more difficult to keep weight on and perhaps has more Thoroughbred blood will need a higher percentage.’
    • ‘He wasn't a good sleeper, nor a good doer, and altogether was becoming a bit of a worry.’