Definition of goo in English:



mass nouninformal
  • 1A sticky or slimy substance.

    ‘he tipped the grayish goo from the test tube’
    • ‘He directed his attention to the melting ice cream, swirling his spoon around in the chocolate goo.’
    • ‘I can still remember biting through the coconut-studded chocolate shell into the gloriously sticky, snow-white goo within.’
    • ‘It's not as if the food is vaguely edible, it tastes like chemical goo.’
    • ‘By the time we'd all called a truce everyone was covered in gunk and goo.’
    • ‘I looked at my hand to see a dark substance on the palm, looking like watery, sticky goo.’
    • ‘They are a really nice crisp, but substantial biscuit with flavoured goo inside.’
    • ‘You can either put the fruit goo directly on the cheesecake, or toss it in a Tupperware container to cool along with your pie.’
    • ‘The projectile hit, and covered the target in a sticky white goo.’
    • ‘He knew the substance would become like goo once inside the cracks.’
    • ‘I also own a lava lamp, or at least a vial of orange goo left behind by my landlord who has an unnervingly 70s view of home design.’
    • ‘It was like being slimed by a giant banana slug, sticky with sap-like goo.’
    • ‘But don't forget that cheese must never be overcooked, simply melted to the perfect stage of molten, oozing goo.’
    • ‘She returned to feeding the baby, who was doing her best to spread the orange goo that was her lunch everywhere but her mouth.’
    • ‘Her hand and a bit of the arm were covered in orange, green-ish goo.’
    • ‘However, the caked-on goo would not stick to it and rinsed off without a problem.’
    • ‘He is covered with fruit goo and bready crust but it does not matter.’
    • ‘I have to be close to the dirt and goo and stuff of things, right up close, so I can see it, can feel it in my bones, can taste it clear down in my belly.’
    • ‘Mochi is a sweet made from rice, which is pounded until it forms a kind of sticky goo, a bit like that white PVA glue you used to get at school.’
    • ‘The thing was so slimy I think the goo will stick to my boots forever.’
    • ‘The testing process lasted more than 21 hours, and when I was done, my hands were covered with peanut goo.’
    dirt, grime, filth, mud, slime, sludge, scum, mire, mess, rubbish
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  • 2Excessive sentimentality.

    • ‘If you like sentimental goo about growing up in the Midwest of America among widescreen landscapes, boy, are you in luck.’
    • ‘That sounds fairly dire, but this adaptation of a book about a Texan high school coach who makes it into the big league late in life isn't entirely covered in sentimental goo.’
    sentimentality, mawkishness, over-sentimentality, emotionalism, overemotionalism, sentimentalism
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Early 20th century (originally US): perhaps from burgoo, a nautical slang term for porridge, based on Persian bulġūr ‘bruised grain’.