Definition of gonolek in English:



  • An African shrike (songbird) with a mainly black back and red underparts.

    Genus Laniarius, family Laniidae: three species, in particular the common gonolek (L. barbarus)

    • ‘Look for rare shoebills, rock pratincoles, and papyrus gonoleks there.’
    • ‘Some shrikes, including the puffbacks, like to live in the tops of high trees in suburban gardens, whereas gonoleks and boubous prefer to look for prey near the ground in thick vegetation and scrub.’
    • ‘Among the 568 bird species are papyrus and black-headed gonoleks, lowland akalat, swamp flycatcher and black bee-eater.’
    • ‘Because the gonoleks and forest-dwelling bush-shrikes are challenges just to see, I was particularly pleased with my photographic opportunities during our quick-paced Uganda trip in 2002.’
    • ‘In the marshes, keep an eye out for the papyrus gonolek and the often sought-after shoebill stork.’