Definition of gonadotrophic hormone in English:

gonadotrophic hormone

(also gonadotropic hormone)


  • another term for gonadotrophin
    • ‘The extension of the conceptualization from the gonads to the brain also included the postulation of a new type of hormone: the gonadotropic hormones.’
    • ‘It is known as a gonadotrophic hormone as it affects the gonads (testes and ovaries) in mammals.’
    • ‘As direction and degree of laterality were reported in this study in both male and female mice, we selected plasma-luteinizing hormone concentration, which is a common trigger for both male and female gonadotropic hormones.’
    • ‘The gonadotrophic hormones and the gonads' own steroid hormones act together to maintain the prime function of the gonads: the production of mature eggs or sperm.’


gonadotrophic hormone