Definition of goliath beetle in English:

goliath beetle


  • A very large, boldly marked tropical beetle related to the chafers, the male of which has a forked horn on the head.

    Genus Goliathus, family Scarabaeidae: several species, in particular G. giganteus of Africa, which is the largest known beetle

    • ‘The royal goliath beetle is a native of western Africa.’
    • ‘Of all the insects discovered so far, the goliath beetle is the world's record holder for size.’
    • ‘In Africa there are the goliath beetles that can grow to a length of over five inches, where they noisily fly about looking for nectar and tree sap.’
    • ‘Scarab beetles like the goliath beetle help to recycle ‘used material’ and keep the earth a clean place to live.’
    • ‘There may be others out there, lurking in the jungle, that are even bigger than the goliath beetle.’


goliath beetle

/ɡəˌlʌɪəθ ˈbiːtl/