Definition of golf trundler in English:

golf trundler


  • A trolley on which golf clubs are carried.

    ‘a man was pushing an empty golf trundler along the street’
    • ‘We also sell golf trundler tyres.’
    • ‘He was pulling a golf trundler carrying the gas bottle.’
    • ‘She offered him some things of Billy's, including an old electric guitar signed by that guy from The Shadows, and a golf trundler.’
    • ‘And I feel sorry for the former NZ Warriors player, who had to feign excitement about a golf trundler - a GOLF TRUNDLER - for most of the 10 minutes I was tuned in.’
    • ‘Golf trundlers were blowing over and players couldn't get their balance while putting.’
    • ‘He built the first prototype Mountain Buggy out of a second-hand golf trundler and a child"s car seat.’
    • ‘It's a wheeled vehicle similar to a golf trundler.’
    • ‘Get yourself a forward propelled golf trundler, the ergonomic design is much easier on your pulling arm, and we all know how good a puller you are.’
    • ‘If he couldn't pull his golf trundler round the Miramar Golf Course, he'd give the game away.’
    • ‘Who wants to see the golf trundler?’