Definition of golf clap in English:

golf clap


  • An instance of deliberately restrained clapping by an audience, of a type considered appropriate during a golf tournament but expressing a lack of approval or appreciation in other contexts.

    ‘it's not that they deserved a standing ovation, but the golf clap was just plain insensitive’
    • ‘A very big golf clap goes out to them for finally lifting the ban.’
    • ‘Golf clap all around.’
    • ‘All you get is a golf clap.’
    • ‘It deserves a golf clap for providing sublime hi-fi liquidity.’
    • ‘The sizeable crowd was muted; both sets of teams ran on to the field to a golf clap.’
    • ‘Do we give her a golf clap for pushing the envelope again?’
    • ‘(Insert golf clap here.)’
    • ‘Will the relieved crowd of onlookers reward him with a golf clap?’
    • ‘He'd apparently be better off with a polite golf clap.’