Definition of golf ball in English:

golf ball


  • 1A small hard ball used in the game of golf, typically made of dimpled white latex.

    • ‘He hadn't struck a golf ball for at least three years.’
    • ‘He has failed so far to deliver on the early promise of his professional career but he is undoubtedly a high-class striker of a golf ball.’
    • ‘I raised my head to see him swing again and again and send the golf ball from the rough onto the fairway.’
    • ‘I couldn't hit a golf ball without biting the collar of my shirt to keep my head in place.’
    • ‘Golf writer Matt Cross said if hit by a stray golf ball, the victim could sue the golfer.’
    • ‘He did become one of the first people to hit a golf ball in the new millennium by hitting a tee shot off his friend's patio shortly after midnight.’
    • ‘I could always hit a golf ball but I never really knew what the game was all about.’
    • ‘Try standing at the other side of a golf ball the next time you're on the fairway; it opens up a whole new vista.’
    • ‘The measure of accuracy used in the present study for each golf shot was the distance in feet between the golf ball and the pin.’
    • ‘Neighbours would use it for knocking a golf ball around.’
    • ‘It isn't a good bathing beach, but is much used for walking, including of dogs, and picnics and knocking the odd golf ball about.’
    • ‘A golf ball on average is a perfect sphere, but it does not fly like one.’
    • ‘If you don't care whether you lose a golf ball, you won't stay committed to the shot.’
    • ‘No man alive could hit a golf ball as good as I hit it that whole week.’
    • ‘The final test is to roll a golf ball in a number of directions across the green.’
    • ‘That golf hole is the reason the golf ball needs to be changed.’
    • ‘She glanced back down and saw that the red golf ball had indeed moved.’
    • ‘Gone are the days when the inside of a high-end golf ball included yards of rubber-band windings.’
    • ‘Dawson believes what's got to be done is some form of regulation of the golf ball.’
    • ‘A golfer badly slices a golf ball, which heads toward the rough, but then bounces off a tree and into the cup for a hole in one.’
    1. 1.1 A small metal globe used in some electric typewriters to carry the type.
      • ‘I don't know the precise technical specifications of the IBM Selectric Composer at that date, nor the availability of custom golfballs.’