Definition of goldsmith in English:



  • A person who makes gold articles.

    • ‘Major towns had specialized guilds for different trades and London had a great variety of both mercantile guilds, such as grocers, goldsmiths, and vintners, and manufacturers like tailors and saddlers.’
    • ‘Many objects used in Condomble rituals are produced by skilled goldsmiths in Bahia.’
    • ‘Thus all the carpenters are in one section, the goldsmiths in another, and the shoemakers in yet another.’
    • ‘Originally manufactured only by Balinese goldsmiths and silversmiths from the Pande clan, Balinese jewelry was previously made for royals and for ceremonial purposes.’
    • ‘By the eighth century the inhabitants included merchants, luxury craftsmen, goldsmiths, members of the professions, cauldron makers, doctors, tailors, builders, and minters.’
    • ‘In olden days, crooks used to shave or clip the edges of coins and then sell the shavings to a disreputable goldsmith or silversmith.’
    • ‘Locals with cash in their pockets like to live here - perhaps for its close proximity to the goldsmiths, jewellers and craftsmen for which the town is famous.’
    • ‘There are also a small number of merchants in Oromo society, as well as weavers, goldsmiths, potters, and woodworkers.’
    • ‘Such an evaluation of gold jewellery is done by a goldsmith with the help of a touchstone.’
    • ‘And for those with the golden eye, Calcutta's goldsmiths are world-renowned.’
    • ‘Ms Stiles met an Italian goldsmith called Fabio during a silversmith lesson on her most recent visit to Italy.’
    • ‘The old bridge is a trove of goldsmiths and traditional craftsmen.’
    • ‘At the time of his death, he was described as both a goldsmith and a silver merchant.’
    • ‘‘I already have the goldsmith and carpenter working on the nameplate and display,’ he called from behind the bar.’
    • ‘The Warrington Silver was exclusively commissioned from the French Protestant refugees known as the Huguenots, who were the best goldsmiths of the period.’
    • ‘In 1648, a Sofia goldsmith made a silver and gold plate for the book.’
    • ‘Joan was born as the son of a goldsmith and jewelry maker in Barcelona in Northern Spain.’
    • ‘The wreath was supposedly made of pure gold, and Archimedes had to determine whether the goldsmith had replaced some of the gold with silver.’
    • ‘Hallmarking is an ancient method of safeguarding consumers from fraud introduced by goldsmiths.’
    • ‘Jews were excellent tanners, metalworkers, goldsmiths, silversmiths, and jewelers.’


Late Old English (see gold, smith).