Definition of goldfish in English:



  • A small reddish-golden Eurasian carp, popular in ponds and aquaria. A long history of breeding in China and Japan has resulted in many varieties of form and colour.

    Carassius auratus, family Cyprinidae

    • ‘The boys used a net to lift the fish from the mud and took it to their mum, a keen fish keeper who already owns guppies, minnows and a goldfish.’
    • ‘Most goldfish are naturally hardy and require only a few conditions to keep them in good health.’
    • ‘The heron resumed his beady-eyed stance, scanning the depths of the pond for an unwary goldfish.’
    • ‘You couldn't even commit to the idea of having a goldfish for a pet.’
    • ‘Our last goldfish had recently died and they didn't want another.’
    • ‘Even the goldfish in the pond have been taking advantage of the sun today, while it lasts.’
    • ‘It's actually really cheering having a goldfish around the place.’
    • ‘Max thought amusedly that his friend rather resembled a goldfish at that moment.’
    • ‘At first, goldfish were kept in outside ponds and were not housed indoors until the late 1800s.’
    • ‘If you are going away for a couple of weeks and are worried about who will feed the goldfish in the garden pond, don't worry.’
    • ‘I used to put a goldfish in a bowl and tap on the outside to observe the movements of the goldfish.’
    • ‘A little boy who yearns for a fuzzy pet is not too thrilled to get a goldfish for his birthday.’
    • ‘The goldfish I'd won from the school carnival had died from starvation.’
    • ‘This is the size of a small swimming pool and is teeming with plump carp and goldfish.’
    • ‘Family pets, Holly the hamster and a goldfish were saved from the incident and the mum said she was very grateful to the fireman for that.’
    • ‘Subtle movements under the surface were the goldfish that we'd stocked the pond with.’
    • ‘Anyway, if pet owners don't want to train their dogs out of annoying habits like chasing the postie, they should get a goldfish.’
    • ‘The last time he had cried was in grade six, when his goldfish had died.’
    • ‘Even the goldfish in the pond and the birds in the hedge seem listless and disinterested.’
    • ‘Halle would be sure to hear the usual excuse, that it was necessary to feed the goldfish.’