Definition of golden share in English:

golden share


  • A share in a company that gives control of at least 51 per cent of the voting rights, especially when held by the government.

    • ‘While golden shares and other takeover protection may keep predators at bay, European companies could still face a pummeling in global markets.’
    • ‘The Government will keep a golden share allowing it to veto possible decisions for a change in the line of business, the head office, the name of the company or a resolution for liquidation, among other important decisions.’
    • ‘It should therefore be enshrined in the constitution that government should always retain a golden share in all privatised institutions which in turn will give it veto powers.’
    • ‘The defenders of golden shares point out that they enable governments to stop big, state-owned and subsidised firms gobbling up companies in their sector all over Europe.’
    • ‘The state would remain in control of important corporate decisions by retaining a golden share, he said.’