Definition of golden oriole in English:

golden oriole


  • A Eurasian oriole with a melodious call, the male being bright yellow and black and the female mainly green.

    Oriolus oriolus, family Oriolidae

    • ‘A pair of golden oriole are nesting on the island and in the last years he has seen more and more ospreys.’
    • ‘Some others like the wild pig, the palm civet, the common mongoose, the golden oriole, and the rat snake can survive even with little green cover and withstand disturbances.’
    • ‘It is an important wintering ground for European migratory birds such as the white stork, the lesser kestrel, the Eurasian golden oriole, the Eurasian cuckoo and other wading birds.’
    • ‘The birds of the institute were beautiful, as for instance the golden oriole; and they were big, as for instance the grey hornbill.’
    • ‘Male golden orioles return early in May, often arriving a week or more before the females.’