Definition of golden oldie in English:

golden oldie


  • An old song or film that is still well known and popular.

    • ‘As films go, the Oscar-winning Kramer vs Kramer is a golden oldie, but its subject matter still generates heat.’
    • ‘As for music on the radio, their tastes are eclectic: Classical, golden oldies, and modern rock are all enjoyed at relatively high rates.’
    • ‘No wonder you have re-engineered and digital versions of collections of the golden oldies flooding the music shelves everyday.’
    • ‘Love songs to touch the hearts of people of all ages will be played - from golden oldies to classics, love songs from musicals and contemporary love songs.’
    • ‘Ambassador and Mrs. Leonard Edwards dance to golden oldies by The Scratch.’
    • ‘At the big party Saturday night, we danced with fervor to the DJ's golden oldies.’
    • ‘If, however, you're going to redo a much-loved golden oldie, which is better anyway in memory than it is on VHS, then at least rethink it.’
    • ‘There was quite a spectacle when some of the elderly people took to the stage and performed a riveting dance to a number of golden oldies.’
    • ‘Many artists faced with this dilemma simply give up, or revisit the circuit of golden oldies, recycling their greatest successes until there is no longer a paying audience.’
    • ‘There are a few lip-synched ‘numbers’ and there are some golden oldies blasted out between vignettes.’
    • ‘He listens to golden oldies on a 30-year-old CD player that has a PLAY button instead of voice-activated controls.’
    • ‘Fire Down Below may not be a quintessential golden oldie, but it's worth it if only for the well executed performances by its stars.’
    • ‘Act One is Mickey reminiscing with anecdotes and songs (some golden oldies, some pyrite ones written by himself) and well-chosen film clips.’
    • ‘A cast of 14 and a five-piece band will cover a diverse range of music with numbers ranging from golden oldies, to contemporary and hit songs from stage musicals and films.’
    • ‘Twenty-two of the twenty-three numbers were golden oldies, many of them dating to the twenties and even the teens.’
    • ‘In advertising, golden oldies became ‘stolen oldies’ as songs were increasingly converted into commercial soundscapes.’
    • ‘Celebrity guests will be keeping David company in the studio as he'll play his popular selection of chart topping hits and golden oldies.’
    • ‘The six didn't know much about the restaurant business, but they knew what they liked: finger food, girls, and golden oldies on the jukebox.’
    • ‘By the time lead singer Wayne crooned the first of golden oldies lined up for the evening, the heart-warming cheer in the air was infectious and practically everyone had silly smiles plastered across their faces.’
    • ‘As such, the album includes reworked versions of his golden oldies, as well as three new pieces, which continue to put the musician at the top of the pile in terms of electronic music.’


golden oldie