Definition of golden mole in English:

golden mole


  • A blind mole with an iridescent sheen to its coat, native to southern Africa.

    Family Chrysochloridae: several genera and species

    • ‘Scientists have long known that seismic communication is common in small animals, including spiders, scorpions, insects and a few vertebrate species, such as white-lipped frogs, kangaroo rats and golden moles.’
    • ‘Today these are represented by the elephants, the sea cows, the elephant shrews, the golden moles, the tenrecs and the aardvark.’
    • ‘There have been no direct studies of hearing in golden moles or in the marsupial mole.’
    • ‘In 1957 a two-ounce golden mole, a native of Africa, was recorded moving a 21-pound iron cover in its enclosure.’
    • ‘While the fossorial rodents are herbivores, typically feeding on roots and tubers, the talpid moles, golden moles and marsupial mole are largely insectivorous.’