Definition of golden mean in English:

golden mean


  • 1The ideal moderate position between two extremes.

    • ‘Without yielding to the pressure, we should try to strike a golden mean.’
    • ‘Now TAS is trying to strike a golden mean by blending the advantages of technology with the charm of the instruments, thavil, cello, triple drum, flute and jazz.’
    • ‘Many of us fail to find the golden mean between excess and too little.’
    • ‘Perhaps the old doctrine of the golden mean still works.’
    • ‘They have achieved the golden mean not only in terms of the price, but the taste as well.’
    middle way, middle course, middle ground, middle, mean, median, mid point, central point, centre, average, norm, standard
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  • 2

    another term for golden section
    • ‘I posit a connection to the golden mean via rectangles.’
    • ‘This proportion is known by many names: the golden ratio, the golden mean, PHI and the divine proportion, among others.’
    • ‘The golden section is also called the golden ratio, the golden mean and the divine proportion.’
    • ‘Topics ranged from the golden mean, spirals, and tessellations to fractals, origami, and impressionist art.’
    • ‘Both of these are variously called the golden number or golden ratio, golden section, golden mean or the divine proportion.’