Definition of golden hour in English:

golden hour


  • The first hour after a traumatic injury, when emergency treatment is most likely to be successful.

    • ‘The rotary District 3200 has embarked on an ambitious programme to save as many lives as possible by ensuring medical aid to road accident victims during the golden hour (first one hour) after the accident.’
    • ‘Also, after a road accident one should not ignore the golden hour, which refers to the first one-hour period after the accident.’
    • ‘The ambulatory service, it is hoped, would provide timely medical aid during the golden hour and help save precious lives.’
    • ‘Get them to a combat field hospital within one hour of being wounded, what's called the golden hour, odds are, they'll survive.’
    • ‘More will die in road accidents during strike action because there is a golden hour from the time of impact to when victims need critical care.’