Definition of golden eagle in English:

golden eagle


  • A large Eurasian and North American eagle with yellow-tipped head feathers in the mature adult.

    Aquila chrysaetos, family Accipitridae

    • ‘At the moment it is illegal to own eggs stolen from protected birds in Britain, such as ospreys, sea eagles and golden eagles.’
    • ‘For a long time, the Bald Eagle Protection Act, designed also to protect the beleaguered golden eagle, was not strictly enforced.’
    • ‘As well as 419 pairs of golden eagles, osprey numbers are escalating, as are red kites, white-tailed sea eagles and peregrine falcons.’
    • ‘Since this was going to be something done by people around the world I didn't want to force a purely American symbol on them, so that's why I chose the golden eagle over the bald eagle.’
    • ‘Wildlife is plentiful, including jackrabbits, mule deer, elk, pheasant, sage grouse, barn owls, bald and golden eagles, and dozens of species of songbirds.’
    • ‘Scotland is home to a great number and variety of bird species, including the most golden eagles and peregrine falcons in Europe and some of the greatest concentrations of seabirds in the world.’
    • ‘I have heard varying reports of golden eagles, kites and merlins, but an investigation has almost every time led to the visitor being identified as a buzzard.’
    • ‘He worried about the future of the golden eagle, the osprey and the nightingale and he condemned the persecution of the bullfinch.’
    • ‘He works with a white headed vulture called Ethel, a white tailed sea eagle, a golden eagle, an American kestrel and a European eagle owl.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most damning fact is that there are no breeding golden eagles, hen harriers or red kites on what should be prime breeding habitat for those species.’
    • ‘There have been 68 incidents of egg theft, including those belonging to golden eagles, osprey, goshawk, and peregrine, as well as 33 cases of illegal taking and selling of birds of prey.’
    • ‘Colonsay House boasts one of Scotland's finest tropical gardens, and birdwatchers should look out for golden eagles and peregrine falcons.’
    • ‘But the 150-plus delegates gathering at Newton Rigg College are expected to be told that the outlook is bleak for the hen harrier and golden eagles.’
    • ‘Oil extraction will adversely affect millions of migratory waterfowl and golden eagles, as well as polar bears, caribou and bowhead whales.’
    • ‘Even golden eagles and ravens have been attacked.’
    • ‘The presence of bald eagles likely prevented golden eagles from establishing themselves.’
    • ‘The trust plays an active conservation role in many of Scotland's national parks and nature reserves and protects a range of wildlife including the golden eagle, corncrake, capercaillie, red squirrels and otters.’
    • ‘Fish's organization provides charts to help bird-watchers predict the best viewing time for various raptor species, from the golden eagle to the merlin.’
    • ‘They face a host of predators, including sea eagles, golden eagles, peregrine falcons, black-backed gulls and rats.’
    • ‘This also happens to be where Scotland's most emblematic birds are flying: golden eagles, ospreys, sea eagles, whooper swans, grouse etc.’


golden eagle