Definition of golden boy in English:

golden boy


  • A very popular or successful man.

    ‘the golden boy of British golf’
    • ‘Finally, T on the Fringe ensures the music is pumped up all Festival long, with bold rambunctious offerings in the shape of slick rockers Muse and Scotland's own golden boys, Snow Patrol.’
    • ‘Particle physics was the world of the golden boys (girls were rare) from the late 1930s onwards.’
    • ‘From being the golden boy of British tennis he was faced with the prospect of surgery and, possibly, the end of his career.’
    • ‘So where next for the once golden boy of South African rugby?’
    • ‘As a player, Wright had been one of the post-war era's golden boys.’
    • ‘The golden boy of Welsh rugby has clearly learned some lessons after getting into hot water with his candid book and has spoken on a subject that is totally and utterly uncontroversial.’
    • ‘He was the golden boy, doing advertisements and endorsements, and we were full of high hopes.’
    • ‘He dispensed with three of the four members of his backline after the opening day defeat at the hands of Greece and has re-invigorated Rui Costa, one of the country's golden boys, by utilising him as substitute.’
    • ‘The football superstar is now failing to score with the city's shoppers - forcing some stores to discontinue stocks of the former golden boy's merchandise.’
    • ‘Spain's two golden boys scored the key goals that helped their nation bury the demons of their World Cup past.’
    • ‘‘I was always the young kid, the golden boy in South Africa who grew up winning,’ he has said.’
    • ‘I'm the golden boy and nothing I do is wrong, yet my younger siblings are always in the dog house and being told to take a leaf out of my book.’
    • ‘His poor performances in Euro 2004 have further damaged the reputation of the former golden boy of English football.’
    • ‘There have already been incidents which threaten to tarnish the corporate sponsors' affection for their new golden boy.’
    • ‘It was reminiscent of two years earlier when Andy Hornby, the golden boy who heads the group's retail banking division, was offered the job as Boots chief executive.’
    • ‘We were golden boys in an era when things like rock-n-roll and television were in their infancy.’
    • ‘After all, with those looks and physique, there had to a place for the golden boy on the silver screen.’
    • ‘The players laughed at the thought of their golden boy being found hungover in reception.’
    • ‘The golden boy of British dance obviously adores his own mother, who naturally wanted only the best for him when he was growing up in Wimbledon.’
    • ‘It may have something to do with the low-carbohydrate diet but the former golden boy of Scottish technology is more animated than he has been for years.’
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    gifted, talented, skilful, skilled, accomplished, brilliant, expert, consummate
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