Definition of golden-haired in English:



  • Having hair of the colour of gold.

    ‘a golden-haired little girl’
    • ‘So far, the golden-haired maiden was not making much progress with her student.’
    • ‘Unbeknownst to him, however, his wife, Molly, was at that moment trudging through the snow towards the house, hand in hand with a ragged, golden-haired two-year-old girl.’
    • ‘She has tracked her down to the Chicago college where she now teaches, crashing into her new life like an Alabama hurricane and demanding to know what happened to the golden-haired god they both dated as teenagers.’
    • ‘By him are two women: a stunning golden-haired rose, and a woman of dark complexion but with a pale soul.’
    • ‘As the relationship developed, the golden-haired Scott soon realised that there was a great deal more to the indisputably beautiful Zelda.’
    • ‘During this time, Jane came into town and finally made the acquaintance of the golden-haired young man who had once visited Netherfield.’
    • ‘She lavished infinite affections on her golden-haired boy and schemed to have Claudius grant him sole position as heir.’
    • ‘The first day I ever spent in 'Surprise City' (as Reykjavik is called), I found golden-haired princesses and sword-wielding knights enacting fairy-tale sagas on the main bridge in the capital.’
    • ‘Dubbed 'the Golden Girl' by the Argus on 30 November 1956, the blue-eyed, golden-haired Cuthbert was a shy, unaffected hero.’
    • ‘Then there is young Sylvia, the fragile, golden-haired casualty of a smashed-up marriage, who flies like a missionary angel into Africa, to heal the sick.’
    • ‘Her best friend was Theresa Godfrey, a plump golden-haired girl whose father was the manager of the Rural bank and whose mother was the president of the local CWA.’
    • ‘A week later he was still thinking of the golden-haired beauty.’
    • ‘Presently he returned, and behind him came a tall, gaunt woman bearing in her arms a very beautiful child, dark-eyed, golden-haired, a wonderful mixture of the Saxon and the Latin.’
    • ‘I put my magazine to bed, not in the manner of a parent tucking a golden-haired child beneath an eiderdown, more like a psychiatric nurse restraining a violently disturbed patient for the night.’
    • ‘He would have emphasised the pageant, the set piece battles, the courage and golden-haired majesty of this heroic military genius.’
    • ‘To the palaces of all the Gods and Goddesses Thor went, but in none of them did he find Sif, his golden-haired wife.’
    • ‘One was a very beautiful golden-haired woman of about Mrs Gardiner's age, the other an elegant, elderly lady with a familiar pair of intense dark blue eyes.’
    • ‘The golden-haired boy of Athens complained of "tightness in his back" following his US record breaking swim in the 200m freestyle last night.’
    • ‘Adele is vapid; a childish caricature of the conventional golden-haired doll-like women of Victorian literature.’
    • ‘An exquisite, golden-haired child just entering womanhood's embrace, she is blessed - and cursed - with a great gift.’
    fair-haired, light-haired, tow-headed
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