Definition of golden in English:



  • 1Coloured or shining like gold.

    ‘curls of glossy golden hair’
    ‘miles of golden sand’
    • ‘Her hair was the bright golden colour of sunflowers and she had a rosy complexion.’
    • ‘They rest at a holy place, a hill with crowns of trees and golden star-shaped flowers.’
    • ‘A golden sun shone brilliantly overhead, beaming down on the beach below.’
    • ‘From small boats, they shine bright spotlights across the water, searching for the unmistakable golden shine of crocodile eyes.’
    • ‘There were several letters with a golden wax seal of a crown over a pair of crossed swords; Maria assumed it was the symbol of the local magistrate.’
    • ‘My hair, braided into a crown around my head, was woven with golden ribbons.’
    • ‘Her hair was shining golden white and she was pale, paler than Josh and John.’
    • ‘His silver armor gleamed under the bright golden light that shone like a tiny sun high above in a dome-shaped ceiling.’
    • ‘Her hair was the golden colour of sunlight, and yet her hard violet eyes always seemed to freeze out any warmth she might radiate.’
    • ‘She has golden blonde hair like my mother, brilliant green eyes, and she has a figure to die for.’
    • ‘It had a little crown of golden feathers on its head and a few of the feathers were dangling free.’
    • ‘Its golden hilt had a crescent emblem in the middle shaped like the full moon, shining brightly with golden carvings on its contours.’
    • ‘The slight breeze was blowing her hair around and the sun shone, causing her golden hair to glisten.’
    • ‘The crown has a golden gleam and leaves a completely black shadow on the table.’
    • ‘Her eyes were alight, her hair flaxen, her golden skin shining with more than just the glow of youth.’
    • ‘This side of the church was in full sun, as was the immense maple on its far side, crowning the neat, white building with a halo of golden red.’
    • ‘A golden paper crown tops the Galette when it comes to the table, along with a silver crown for the Queen.’
    • ‘She had beautiful golden hair that shone in the light of the room.’
    • ‘He felt more alive in the mountains: The air seemed crisper and smelled sweeter, the sun shone brighter and more golden.’
    • ‘Natalie hurried up and put her long, straight strawberry blonde hair up with golden butterfly clips and got dressed.’
    gold-coloured, blonde, yellow, yellowish, fair, flaxen, tow-coloured
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  • 2Made or consisting of gold.

    ‘a golden crown’
    • ‘I wore various dresses chosen by Amanda, and a golden crown which was sometimes on my head, sometimes in my lap, or just anywhere I chose.’
    • ‘Prince Alvin was wearing a brilliant black, velvet tailcoat and black britches that looked stunning with his golden crown.’
    • ‘A fancy throne with plush upholstery sat with a sparkling golden crown atop it.’
    • ‘What startled Charles the most was the small golden crown the woman wore.’
    • ‘She topped off the look with heavily-styled blonde hair, a golden anklet, diamanté earrings and naturally, leopard print nail varnish.’
    • ‘The cathedral is crowned by a large golden statue of Mary looking up, with her arms plaintively moving out from her body.’
    • ‘On her head was a strange crown and her golden bracelets had broken off.’
    • ‘The sapphire sparkled with energy inside and shone brilliantly against the golden ring.’
    • ‘The golden crown lied sparkling on her head, covering a portion of her brown hair.’
    • ‘I was kneeling before my dearest Lewis, a golden crown was perched high on his brow.’
    • ‘She was approached by a woman dressed more finely than the others, and a golden crown sat upon her head.’
    • ‘The only details either of them could pick out was the enormous golden crown sitting on the cowled brow and the huge sword strapped to the side of the mount.’
    • ‘His eyes were fixed upon the golden throne and the jeweled crown placed on the velvet seat cushion.’
    • ‘The sultan escorted the prince, wearing a gold crown, to a golden chair on the dais.’
    • ‘The golden crown, white gem atop it, was perched upon her fair head, perfectly matching every other piece of jewelry she wore.’
    • ‘A golden crown was upon my head, and my gown was flowing.’
    • ‘A golden circlet crowned his head with four perfect diamonds that sat with equal spacing in it.’
    • ‘What mattered was what was inscribed upon the golden rim of the inside of the crown.’
    • ‘He cradled a golden scepter in the crook of his right arm, and a golden crown of unmatched magnificence was perched on his head.’
    • ‘At a public event, Marc Antony offered him a golden crown - the mark of a king - but he refused it.’
  • 3(of a period) very happy and prosperous.

    ‘those golden days before World War I’
    • ‘In that golden period of the early 1990s, there was greatness in every role he touched.’
    • ‘It was a golden period in the theatre and I had no doubt whatever that it was a world to which I wanted to belong.’
    • ‘And that was still the black-and-white period, though it is still regarded as the golden era of Malayalam cinema.’
    • ‘But the golden period for Irish agriculture has been drawing to an end for some time.’
    • ‘The Epic Period was a golden era in Indian philosophical thought because of the tolerance of different opinions and teachings.’
    • ‘Much greater efforts are now being made to preserve buildings commissioned during Melbourne's golden period as the world's richest city.’
    • ‘To make matters worse, the US model was enjoying a golden period.’
    • ‘This essential four-CD box set collects together many of the tracks from his golden period of the late 1960s to the late 1970s.’
    • ‘It was the start of a golden period for the county side and two years later when only 22 he became captain of the team.’
    • ‘Most of them being in the age group of 50 and plus gathered to recapitulate the golden days of their study period in the college.’
    • ‘This first phase of a reissue programme covers their golden period from 1969-1972.’
    • ‘The last 10 years have been a golden period, with most players earning good money.’
    • ‘However, I think that the golden period of Aikido is now and the art will continue to develop in the future.’
    • ‘The members listen to and sing only the songs composed before 1980, a period often referred to as the golden era of Indian film music.’
    • ‘To some booksellers this year's class has provided the most golden year.’
    • ‘The chair which, according to the designer, is a key element in furnishing homes, entered its golden period by the 18th Century.’
    • ‘This is the golden period for any kind of music - classical, pop, fusion - because of the media and TV channels.’
    • ‘London was preparing to enter a golden era to challenge any other period of its long and glorious history.’
    • ‘According to Mr Phillips, the Tudor period was something of a golden era for the village.’
    • ‘Tracy Noone has been the county's regular top scorer during the golden period from 1999, but missed last year on her American sabbatical.’
    successful, prosperous, flourishing, thriving
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    1. 3.1 (of an opportunity) very favourable.
      ‘a golden opportunity to boost foreign trade’
      • ‘A golden opportunity to raise the profile of club rugby and bring what has been an intriguing and at times compelling championship to a dramatic conclusion has been missed.’
      • ‘There is a golden opportunity to get things right with a balanced mixture of using our most precious resource - land - in a way to gain maximum benefit for all.’
      • ‘In the flurry to appear as though I was being on my best behaviour at work, I missed a golden opportunity to tell Richard Wilkins how much I enjoy reading his blog.’
      • ‘The enforced name change imposed by EMI brought with it a golden opportunity to extend the reach of their music beyond just Irish boundaries.’
      • ‘It not only brought smiles to their faces but also gave them a golden opportunity to express their talent.’
      • ‘My mother showed up but headed right for the kitchen, seizing this golden opportunity to rearrange my sister's kitchen.’
      • ‘That said, I think there may be a golden opportunity here.’
      • ‘The Chancellor has missed a golden opportunity to boost the Government's strategy to cut smoking rates and improve the nation's health.’
      • ‘They were handed two golden opportunities from the penalty spot to get back in the game, the first was blasted wide and the second was saved by the fantastic Keith Noone.’
      • ‘Councillors were being urged today not to block a golden opportunity to take Elvington Airfield - and York - into the 21st century.’
      • ‘Let's forge together energy, scarce resources and every second available to put the existing golden opportunities to good use in our mutual interest.’
      • ‘Though they loved their club, they recognised a golden opportunity that would ultimately benefit Oak Hill, the university and the city.’
      • ‘The Chancellor's failures may soon present the opposition with a golden opportunity.’
      • ‘This Administration has an ideological commitment to tax cuts and wasn't going to waste a golden opportunity to have them written into law.’
      • ‘The World Cup in Japan and South Korea is seen by the industry as a golden opportunity to attract new gamblers to online betting.’
      • ‘He had a golden opportunity to notch another hat-trick here, but wasn't as sharp as usual and was thwarted by a mixture of poor finishing and fine goalkeeping.’
      • ‘Yet here is a golden opportunity for the ‘nationalists’ to build a real nation, by creating common interest and common welfare.’
      • ‘The simple bus ride was a golden opportunity - albeit a brief one - to glimpse at the hustle and bustle of life outside of prison walls.’
      • ‘All four men have been given a golden opportunity - a second chance of sorts - to show they can play Test rugby.’
      • ‘If you want a film career as expansive and successful as Michael Jackson's, perhaps you should consider looking into this golden opportunity.’
      excellent, fine, superb, splendid, tremendous, special, unique, favourable, opportune, exciting, promising, bright, brilliant, rosy, full of promise, optimistic, hopeful, advantageous, profitable, valuable, fortunate, providential, auspicious, propitious
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  • 4(of a singing voice) rich and smooth.

    ‘a choir of young golden voices’
    • ‘The voice struck a golden tone inside Doune's heart, and his insides melted.’
    • ‘The combination of the Malian singer's golden voice and the arrangements of the Guinean guitarist Kante Manfila led many to acclaim it as the finest release of his career.’
    • ‘Long after Faithfull is gone, it should be for her exhausted yet golden voice that we remember her.’
    • ‘He gave a low chuckle and the golden voice whispered in my ear.’
    • ‘Adams crowed, his gruff unattractive voice suddenly the most golden tone Daniel had ever heard.’
    • ‘Liz Phair, another golden voice, played a stripped down acoustic set backed by light guitar and bass.’
    • ‘From then on people started noticing the remarkable abilities and golden voice of the youthful singer.’
    • ‘She has the gift of a golden voice and she sang like an angel.’
    • ‘Her golden voice gave me shivers up my spine for some unknown reason.’
    • ‘She is the golden voice of independent music, specifically, one that gracefully rejuvenates country music.’
    • ‘Now 75, she has lost none of her warmth and charm, and her voice still has its rich, golden quality.’
    • ‘The actor with a golden voice has moved on to the small screen in search of good roles.’
    • ‘As ‘the boy with the golden voice,’ at the age of 12 he made a record on the Decca label and excelled as a boy singer.’
    • ‘The King however was partly obscured by a pillar, although I could hear his voice, deep, rich and golden.’
    • ‘Ireland has always had a tradition of superb tenors, and the golden voice of Tom Cregan echoes that tradition.’
    • ‘Just then, a golden voice in his mind gave a suggestion.’
    • ‘What remains is a record company's idea of a grown woman and Carey's irrepressible golden voice.’
    • ‘There's the voiceover, for a start, with that voice - deep, golden, impossibly masculine and yet smooth too.’
    • ‘You can turn on a radio, put on a record, pop a tape or a disc in the player and listen to her golden voice, the transcendent beauty of the music she creates.’
    • ‘Ritter's death is somewhat reminiscent of the passing of comedic legend Phil Hartman, who gave the world the golden voice of Troy McLure.’