Definition of gold plate in English:

gold plate


  • 1[mass noun] A thin layer of gold, electroplated or otherwise applied as a coating to another metal.

    • ‘On the left side of the frame is the Thunder Ranch logo in gold plate.’
    • ‘Fans both young and old stood in awe at the trophy, which stands some three feet high and is made of 23-carat sterling silver, gold plate and the precious green stone malachite.’
    1. 1.1 Plates, dishes, or other objects made of or plated with gold.
      • ‘Mrs. Brawnings readily put down a wad of cash onto the little gold plate and led the way out to the car park.’


  • Cover (something) with a thin layer of gold.

    • ‘The work of preparing the copper rings (some renewal of the old, some new) around the wooden mast and gold-plating them is going on.’
    • ‘The electroplating guys had gold-plated it to Aldo Nova's specifications.’
    • ‘In a system like this, it is unlikely that the gold-plating the connectors makes any difference at all, in terms of sound, durability, or otherwise, yet MidiLand does it anyway, which makes it all the more impressive.’
    • ‘It was covered with anodised aluminum in 1956, and about ten years ago, the late King Hussein of Jordan, sold one of his houses in London and gold-plated it with 80 kilos of gold.’


gold plate