Definition of gold pass in English:

gold pass


  • A permit which entitles the holder to free travel on public transport, awarded to long-serving politicians.

    ‘he's already eligible for a gold pass after 20 years in Parliament’
    • ‘Some $10.2 million worth of frequent flyer points remain unaccounted for since the 1996 directive that gold pass holders use the points where possible.’
    • ‘He has hinted the life gold pass will be axed, saying his comments about an end to the "age of entitlement" also applied to politicians.’
    • ‘Since 1996, only $32,164 has been saved by gold pass holders using frequent flyer points.’
    • ‘She will be entitled to an office, staff, a car, and a lifetime gold pass entitling her to free air travel.’
    • ‘Other benefits include the infamous gold pass, which provides free travel for many former MPs.’
    • ‘I think the party tried to tidy up a whole range of these matters, from study tours to gold passes.’
    • ‘Retired MPs have virtually ignored a 1996 government directive to use frequent flyer points acquired on their gold pass to reduce travel costs to taxpayers.’
    • ‘He'll hang on to his chance of a sixth term and move on to the big one: eight terms and the life gold pass, the dream of every frustrated backbencher.’
    • ‘He did back a clampdown on gold passes that give free travel to retired politicians.’
    • ‘Former MPs still hold the controversial life gold pass that grants them unlimited domestic air travel after 20 years in office.’