Definition of gold mine in English:

gold mine


  • 1A place where gold is mined.

    • ‘Stratoni lead and zinc mines were condemned recently after a nearby gold mine was closed on environmental grounds.’
    • ‘They have threatened to escalate the dispute by building roadblocks to stop tankers carrying fuel to the Kutubu oil operations and the Porgera gold mine.’
    • ‘Most people don't realize that Poppy Bush had a gold mine: Barrick Gold Mining Corp.’
    • ‘In the October Geology, Bawden and his colleagues publish their analyses of samples from a massive zinc sulfide deposit located in a gold mine in Nevada.’
    • ‘In Niolam, the largest island in the group, and the location of the gold mine, there was no population pressure prior to the influx of people seeking employment.’
    • ‘I remember they were mining material that was higher grade per ton in gold than was at that time mined from the Pamour gold mine in Timmins, Ontario.’
    • ‘The walkers will visit schools funded by Rehab, a working gold mine, the Pilanesberg National Park, Capetown, the Cape Peninsula and the winelands region.’
    • ‘He explains, ‘My father was a teacher and my brother was working in a gold mine.’’
    • ‘The ceramic dish features a transfer-printed map of the Gold Coast complete with a Spanish treasure ship sunken off the Coast and a gold mine in Burleigh.’
    • ‘A rich gold mine was also discovered, providing royalty payments to the handful of Warlpiri people with continuing traditional links to the country.’
    • ‘The state, which takes up to a 10% cut, has sold farm animals, an airplane, and equipment from a gold mine.’
    • ‘Anglo's Mponeng gold mine is the second-deepest mine in the world.’
    • ‘She stood by, for instance, as cyanide leaks from the Summitville gold mine killed wildlife in 17 miles of the Alamosa River.’
    • ‘Freeport/Rio Tinto run the world's largest gold mine and third-largest copper mine in West Papua.’
    • ‘They aimed to show, through practical examples, how technology worked and how it was applied in such colonial settings as the gold mine, the railway, and the wheat farm.’
    • ‘The early morning mudslide took place in the Amapola gold mine, near the city of Filadelfia, in the Department of Caldas, 200 kilometers west of Bogota.’
    • ‘It is a historic gold mine where students can practice various underground mining techniques as well as research modern explosive and rock mechanics.’
    • ‘Based on the very high average grade of current ore and life-of-mine ore reserves, the Red Lake mine is, to our knowledge, the richest gold mine in the world.’
    • ‘While we were waiting in the aircraft hangar, I began talking to a young woman who was travelling with her small son, and it didn't take us long to discover that we were both going out to the same gold mine.’
    • ‘This Canadian mining company is developing an open pit silver and gold mine in the San Marcos region of Guatemala despite the staunch opposition of the local indigenous communities.’
    1. 1.1 A source of wealth, valuable information, or resources.
      ‘the book is a gold mine of sporting trivia’
      • ‘I suffer from paranoid schizophrenia and depression and find the net a gold mine of information.’
      • ‘The nurse's study is a gold mine of information for women because nurses represent a large group of individuals who are experiencing similar health related problems.’
      • ‘The data that was in the book was worth a gold mine to me, since the data would assist me in making the formula.’
      • ‘Your website is the gold mine of information on how the public respond to what you say.’
      • ‘What Bryce had considered ‘useless stuff’, Mac discovered was a gold mine of information.’
      • ‘Love is a virtual gold mine for me artistically; another source for my work is the attempt to capture personalities in a face sketch.’
      • ‘With the aim of promoting jewellery design and involving highly talented but untapped youth resources, the contest promises to be a literal gold mine of prizes.’
      • ‘The candidates present certainly hit a gold mine of voters and informants the other candidates counted on.’
      • ‘A major trade show comprises a gold mine of invaluable information about products, companies, industry trends, and so on.’
      • ‘Properly handled, the bartender was a gold mine of information.’
      • ‘The final version will be released soon, and Beeman says the information it yields should prove to be a gold mine.’
      • ‘The Internet has proved to be a gold mine of information for people researching their family history.’
      • ‘The book's extensive citations are a gold mine of information for those studying creative industries.’
      • ‘Webber includes helpful comments on the meaning of ancient Latin terms and is a gold mine of introductory information on the office.’
      • ‘The book is a gold mine of information, learned by McMoneagle over two decades of hands-on training, research, and applications.’
      • ‘For those who despise alternative medicine, this book is a gold mine.’
      • ‘It offers a gold mine of valuable reflections on the spiritual life.’
      • ‘On the one hand, consumers leave behind a veritable gold mine of information as they click through Web sites.’
      • ‘For the tool researcher, these database sections are a gold mine of information.’
      • ‘If you like complex tactics, this book is a gold mine.’
      rich source, repository, store, storehouse, reservoir, mint, treasure house, treasury, reserve, fund, wealth, vein, stock, supply, hoard, accumulation
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gold mine