Definition of gold filling in English:

gold filling


  • A piece of gold used to fill a cavity in a tooth.

    ‘a slender man with a mouth full of gold fillings’
    • ‘Imagine a glimmering smile, thanks to a gold filling, courtesy the neighbourhood dentist.’
    • ‘I went in for a broken tooth, which still had a gold filling hanging on.’
    • ‘Its leaders have banned everything from films to mobile ringtones, school bells and gold fillings.’
    • ‘He's sort of bloke who'd sue you if you called him a crook, but who'd have your gold fillings if you don't keep your mouth closed.’
    • ‘Decked out in a fedora and gold fillings, the actor has a high old time playing a low-roller named Bobby Trench, the best-connected crook in Texas.’
    • ‘He first became prominent when he was health minister, by advocating the replacement of gold fillings and teeth with more natural-looking dental crowns.’
    • ‘You can bet your last silver peso this woman has gold fillings and sparkling eyes.’
    • ‘I'm generally not extravagant, unless getting gold fillings could be called extravagant, then that would be my greatest extravagance to date.’