Definition of gold fever in English:

gold fever


mass noun
  • The excitement associated with the urge to search for gold in recently discovered goldfields.

    ‘new settlers moved to town as gold fever swept the country’
    • ‘After rounding Cape Horn, he lost most of his crew to gold fever in Valparaiso, Chile, where the venture ended.’
    • ‘His governorship of Hispaniola was the low point, an outburst of gold fever accompanied by the enslavement and slaughter of the native people.’
    • ‘As what usually happened to many young men of that era in the West, he caught gold fever and went to work in a gold mine.’
    • ‘Two decades of gold fever ensued, and coal mining lay dormant until its resurgence in 1904.’
    • ‘At the time of the gold fever of 1850, he went to California and was engaged in mining for fifteen years.’
    • ‘Overseas prospecting companies already have satellite data on the location of India's gold reserves and these look tempting enough to start a gold fever.’
    • ‘Kohrs, a German immigrant whose gold fever had led him to California and Canada, arrived in Montana in 1862.’
    • ‘The last time gold fever hit Scotland was in 1868, when gold reserves were discovered at Kildonan in Sutherland.’
    • ‘Perhaps he was just caught up in the general gold fever that recurred at various times all through the 19th century and climaxed in the 96-98 rush.’
    • ‘By the 1850s, once the first flush of gold fever was over, a number of the immigrants turned to grape-growing and wine-making as a more reliable source of income.’
    • ‘Some were looking for work that mattered, but as the Gold Rush escalated into Gold Fever, more and more were looking for their big score.’