Definition of gold farming in English:

gold farming


mass noun
  • (in the context of online gaming) the practice of playing a game intensively so as to amass stocks of the game's virtual currency or other valuable items used in the game, which can then be sold to other players for real money.

    ‘in just a few years gold farming has become a vast enterprise’
    • ‘Gold farming is nothing new.’
    • ‘At present, the vast majority of gold farming takes place in developing countries.’
    • ‘The gold farming industry may be about playing games, but these companies take their work seriously.’
    • ‘Addicted gamers can sign up for the program where they try to kick the habit of gold farming, going on epic raids and beating just one more level.’
    • ‘It may be that normative disapproval will somewhat deter or curtail gold farming; it is considered bad form by many gamers.’
    • ‘The grassroots gold farming industry exists on the periphery of the world of online games known as MMORPG's’
    • ‘There are worries that gold farming will be hit by the financial crisis, but Heeks believes that the industry is likely to grow with rising numbers of online game players.’
    • ‘Gold farming points a way to opportunities for developing countries. As people spend more of their work and leisure time online, the need for related online services will only grow.’
    • ‘It is usually stressed that gold farming operations are very small, so that examination of topics such as management practices, liaisons with business partners, and customer service, seem less relevant.’
    • ‘While this may sound like dystopian fantasy, the passages on gold farming come pretty close to reportage.’