Definition of gold commissioner in English:

gold commissioner


NZ, Australian
  • An official who issues permits to dig for gold.

    ‘the detested gold commissioners were replaced by mining wardens’
    • ‘Letters sent to private individuals are mainly concerned with transmitting the decisions of the Chief Gold Commissioner on disputed claims and petitions.’
    • ‘There is also a quarterly report, as well as the monthly reports sent by sub-gold commissioners to the gold commissioners of their respective districts.’
    • ‘These are monthly statements of cash in hand received from the Chief Gold Commissioner.’
    • ‘A record was kept to verify the accounts returned by the Gold Commissioner.’
    • ‘The Gold Commissioner who'd travelled with them was later found guilty of their murder.’
    • ‘Most of the expenditures are payments of wages to officers of the Gold Commissioner's staff.’
    • ‘He was appointed gold commissioner for the Goulburn and Araluen districts.’
    • ‘He began a new career as a public servant, being appointed police magistrate and, soon after, gold commissioner at Gulgong.’
    • ‘These are copies of letters sent by the Gold Commissioner in charge of the Northern Gold District to various government officials.’
    • ‘The last of the NSW rushes were described in the writings of the gold commissioner.’