Definition of gold card in English:

gold card


trademark in US
  • A charge card or credit card issued to people with a high credit rating and giving benefits not available with the standard card.

    • ‘And for the record, as a frequent drinker here, I've never been anywhere near Cambridge, and my gold card is my own and usually close to its limit.’
    • ‘But I can't see him as anything more than a surfer punk with a gold card.’
    • ‘The gold card has higher limits over the silver card that was launched in February.’
    • ‘While its gold card starts from 11.9 per cent, it can go as high as 14.9 per cent.’
    • ‘The time has come for me to scale down the kind of banking I do, turn in my gold card and turn off the special privileges, reverting to a standard account more suited to an older person living on a pension.’
    • ‘While gold cards were once the preserve of the rich, today they are available to almost everyone and they offer far lower APRs than standard credit cards.’
    • ‘A number of high street banks and credit card providers now offer travel insurance with some of their current account packages or gold cards.’
    • ‘In 1966, they added the distinction of the gold card for elite members.’
    • ‘A survey by The Sunday Business Post revealed that interest rates on purchases with standard cards range from 14.9 to 18.9 per cent, while rates on gold cards range from 10.9 to 14.25 per cent.’
    • ‘The new rates are 16.9 per cent on standard cards - down from 18.9 per cent - and 14.9 per cent on gold cards.’
    • ‘Many people believe that if they own a credit card, especially a gold card, and use it to book their holiday, they have automatic travel insurance.’
    • ‘But gone are the days when one had to be a very big earner to qualify for a gold card.’
    • ‘Stephanie took a pair of small nail scissors from her handbag and slowly chopped the gold card into pieces then she ceremonially tossed the bits into a nearby rubbish bin.’
    • ‘If you have an annual income of just £20,000, a basic gold card can be had from Bank of Ireland and AIB.’
    • ‘MBNA also cut its gold card rate by 3 per cent, from 17.9 to 14.9 per cent.’
    • ‘Surrounded by almost forty TV sets of all shapes and sizes, she gave her gold card to the twenty-something salesgirl.’
    • ‘She handed him her gold card and he smiled as he made the transaction.’
    • ‘After all, they offered me a gold card and an attractive introductory rate of interest.’
    • ‘Obtaining a gold card is not as difficult as people may think.’
    • ‘People will later be able to apply online for a range of other credit cards, including gold cards, gold-plus cards and the American Express Blue Card, Beirne said.’


gold card