Definition of gold beetle in English:

gold beetle

(US goldbug)


North American
  • A leaf beetle with metallic gold coloration.

    Several species in the family Chrysomelidae, in particular Metriona bicolor

    • ‘They are sometimes called gold beetles because of the metallic sheen produced by their carapace.’
    • ‘There is a group of North American beetles that have a golden metallic luster, which are sometimes called gold beetles.’
    • ‘These pheromones were effective to trap large numbers of Hirata blue, pale brown and spotted back gold beetles.’
    • ‘Relatives of the tropical gold beetles, such as the green and silver-striped scarab known as Plusiotis gloriosa, are found here in North America.’
    • ‘A couple of those Rivenese gold beetles ought to tell for sure.’