Definition of gold-coloured in English:


(US gold-colored)


  • Of a deep lustrous yellow or yellow-brown colour like that of gold.

    ‘he was driving a gold-coloured Mercedes’
    • ‘On my taxi ride from the airport, we passed several hamlets which had stone buildings made of gold-colored granite.’
    • ‘She wore a silver and gold-colored shirt and a black skirt that stopped at the knees.’
    • ‘Dennis and Jon headed out to source props, looking for anything gold-colored.’
    • ‘He wears a discreet gold-coloured pound sign on his lapel.’
    • ‘Participating in the ceremony are two Buddhist monks clad in gold-coloured robes.’
    • ‘There were shelves piled up with bolts of gold-coloured cloth.’
    • ‘There are tons of chemistry experiments that can turn a penny silver or gold-colored, but no, your penny is not made of silver.’
    • ‘The vehicle was described as a gold-colored, 4-door sedan, older model late 1990s to 2000s.’
    • ‘The Sierra Nevada Pale Bock, at 9%, was gold-colored, malty, and offered a pronounced alcohol flavor.’
    • ‘Meanwhile Man U unveiled its new gold-coloured kit to celebrate the club's centenary year.’