Definition of gold-beater's skin in English:

gold-beater's skin


  • A membrane used to separate leaves of gold during beating.

    • ‘Upon making this observation, which at once surprised me, I wished to give a trial to materials of the least possible density, and, accordingly, caused to be constructed a cylinder of gold-beater's skin, inflated with air, and having the central aperture formed of pasteboard.’
    • ‘Barlow's logograph consists of a small speaking-trumpet, having an ordinary mouth-piece connected to a tube, the other end of which is widened out and covered with a thin membrane of gold-beater's skin or gutta-percha.’
    • ‘A piece of steel spring was attached to a stretched membrane of gold-beater's skin and placed in front of the pole of the magnet.’
    • ‘The phonautograph used by Bell was a large cone, closed at the small end by a membrane of gold-beater's skin.’
    • ‘Though this technique was sufficient in many cases, a stronger bond was achieved with other adhesives in combination with the gold-beater's skin.’