Definition of God help (you, him, etc.) in English:

God help (you, him, etc.)


  • Used to express the belief that someone is in a difficult or dangerous situation.

    ‘God help anyone who tried to jolly me out of my bad mood’
    • ‘The reality was as soon as a soldier went on duty, the ‘safety’ was in the off position, a bullet in the barrel and God help anyone who fired at him.’
    • ‘And God help anyone who runs out of petrol after 7pm or on a Sunday, without a credit card for the automated pump.’
    • ‘Now listen closely because I will only explain it once and God help anyone who does this incorrectly.’
    • ‘He's climbing the ladder straight to the top, and God help anyone unlucky enough to be in his way.’
    • ‘This kind of torture, and God help anyone trying to minimize it, doesn't work and is just wrong.’
    • ‘Unfortunately today's parents condone their child's bad behaviour and think it's normal, and God help anyone who disagrees.’
    • ‘They may disagree but, when the chips are down, they come together as a people and as a nation and God help anyone who threatens that.’
    • ‘If they get in then God help the workers or anyone who has bettered themselves, saved a quid and maybe even bought an investment property or two.’
    • ‘Well if he thinks that emerging from North Street is difficult, God help the residents of Oakworth, Haworth and those areas if they need emergency help on a teatime rush hour.’
    • ‘And God help anyone who tries to move them out of its beam.’