Definition of God (or goodness or heaven) knows in English:

God (or goodness or heaven) knows


  • 1Used to emphasize that one does not know something.

    ‘God knows what else they might find’
    • ‘The school only has one classroom, and it only has 10 desks in it, so heaven knows where the new kids are going to fit.’
    • ‘As for the houses which used to be on Clevelly Close, heaven knows how much they would be worth now, both in monetary terms and to the area's self-esteem.’
    • ‘And heaven knows what the other tenants there must think.’
    • ‘If it's this bad now, heaven knows what kind of problems there will be when the Commonwealth Games begins and thousands of people will be coming into the area.’
    • ‘If I wasn't there, God knows what that guy would try to do to you!’
    • ‘It's been so cold that I have had to keep boiling the kettle, so heaven knows how large my next electricity bill is going to be.’
    • ‘And I really cannot be bothered to do any of the housework I've been putting off since, well, heaven knows when.’
    • ‘Being told that there were 80,000 people in the stadium and goodness knows how many millions watching across the world gave you a real sense of responsibility.’
    • ‘He lived on a diet of heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, barbiturates, LSD and heaven knows what else, washed down with industrial quantities of Jack Daniels.’
    • ‘But if it wasn't for Jilly heaven knows what would have happened to me.’
  • 2Used to emphasize the truth of a statement.

    ‘goodness knows, I haven't been perfect’
    • ‘He's got great managerial experience, and goodness knows we need that within the intelligence community.’
    • ‘‘If it was like that for me, heaven knows, it must have been worse for others’, Mr Cook said.’
    • ‘It's no use yelling at her to shut up. God knows I've tried.’
    • ‘It is easy to be derisory about politics in Ireland, and, heaven knows, there is much to be derisory about.’
    • ‘I haven't read any of this year's shortlist, and goodness knows I've got enough books to read.’
    • ‘Whatever you think of their relationship, and heaven knows it hasn't been an easy one, their love has endured.’
    • ‘There are online journals that are older than mine and, heaven knows, there are better ones.’
    • ‘God knows we have few enough women in this industry as it is and adverts like this aren't going to help us any.’
    • ‘Because, heaven knows, some folks are having kids for the wrong reasons.’
    • ‘There is no more dispiriting a sight for me than unfulfilled talent and goodness knows Scottish football is littered with players who underachieved.’