Definition of God-botherer in English:



derogatory, informal
  • A deeply religious person.

    • ‘I'm not sure how this humble God-botherer wound up here, trying to integrate all these new experiences into my existing faith.’
    • ‘I don't wanna slag off every Christian on the planet, but you can't really trust a God botherer, can you?’
    • ‘Kevin is an extreme God-botherer.’
    • ‘We had never thought of Harris as a God-botherer and we wondered if there wasn't something else behind these images.’
    • ‘The other current God-botherer intervention is by the so-called Family First Party.’
    • ‘The one thing I find most fascinating is the God-botherer's attitude to me.’
    • ‘Now the bishop's views may be crackpot - though that should hardly be a surprise from a God-botherer.’
    • ‘Do you think of yourself as being much brighter than all those religious types (God botherers, Jesus freaks, Bible bashers, glory roaders, zealots)?’
    • ‘So you don't need to be a paid-up God-botherer to see the shortcomings of this faith.’
    • ‘I'm not a God botherer.’
    • ‘The government would have kept the reason for termination secret, in case any prejudiced interest group or God-botherer complained.’
    • ‘As a God-botherer, a foreigner (and worse, partly American) and a non-lefty who had fallen for Blair during his (brief) Christian-socialist phase, I most definitely lay outside their fold.’
    • ‘He even went to the Middle East, with the explicit reason of bothering some God botherers.’
    • ‘He is one sheep-farming God-botherer no less.’
    • ‘Labor's tireless foreign affairs spokesman, a self-confessed God-botherer, had issued a general invitation to colleagues to discuss Labor and religion.’
    • ‘See what she says about the bald God-botherer now.’
    • ‘The president himself is a God-botherer, but what about the others who actually make the foreign policy?’
    • ‘The good Reverend was a God-botherer of many talents.’
    • ‘It's you guys who are referred to as annoying "God botherers" and pester people on the streets with your little pieces of paper no one really wants.’
    • ‘Because I am a bit of a God-botherer, it also annoys me because I don't think anybody deserves a Him with a big H except The Man Upstairs.’