Definition of God's gift in English:

God's gift


  • The ideal or best possible person or thing for someone or something (used chiefly ironically or in negative statements)

    ‘he thought he was God's gift to women’
    • ‘So, after four blessings in five years, we decided to make use of another God-given blessing, a modern contraceptive technique made possible by God's gift of human intelligence.’
    • ‘In my early 20s, I imagined I was God's gift to the badminton world, being full of energy and having played at quite a decent level in the RAF.’
    • ‘What I do know is that all our Account Managers are as snappy and insecure as jack russells on acid, while all the Salesmen think they are God's gift to industry.’
    • ‘There were some women who rated themselves higher than they were, who thought they were God's gift.’
    • ‘I was trained to do what was in front of me and not to imagine that I was God's gift to the world.’
    • ‘It's an insecure profession, where self-doubt is as prevalent and painful as it is necessary (start thinking you're God's gift and you're done).’
    • ‘And he also means the unsaid subtext, that America is God's gift to the world by virtue of being the guardian of freedom's sacred flame.’
    • ‘She made George feel that he was God's gift to mankind.’
    • ‘Agassi, for so long God's gift to headline writers, is now 30.’
    • ‘It seems that those associated with Big Brother seem to think they are God's gift to documentary, democracy and youth disengagement.’