Definition of goblet cell in English:

goblet cell


  • A column-shaped cell found in the respiratory and intestinal tracts, which secretes the main component of mucus.

    • ‘In addition, histologically malignant glandular structures lined by simple nonciliated columnar cells with goblet cells were found clustered in the center of the tumor.’
    • ‘The beating movement of the cilia helps to shift upwards and outwards any foreign particles which adhere to a layer of mucus secreted from interspersed goblet cells.’
    • ‘Ocular mucins are secreted by conjunctival goblet cells and epithelial cells of the ocular surface and by the lachrymal glands.’
    • ‘Although human airway smooth muscle is not sympathetically innervated, other cells in the airways that may impact airway function are goblet cells and mucus glands.’
    • ‘In the large proximal airways, goblet cells secrete mucus, which traps deposited particles and is then propelled upwards by ciliated cells to be either expectorated or swallowed.’