Definition of goat moth in English:

goat moth


  • A large greyish moth, the caterpillar of which bores into wood and has a goaty smell.

    Cossus cossus, family Cossidae

    • ‘Trees weakened by leopard moth attacks are frequently subject to other xylophagous pests: hornet clearwing moth, goat moth, bark beetles.’
    • ‘The larvae don't smell very good and at some point in their history with humans have had their aroma likened to that of a goat, hence their other common name of goat moth.’
    • ‘After some clicking around, I think that the goat moth may be close to that one I saw on my garage.’
    • ‘The mahogany-coloured larvae of the goat moth attack deciduous trees and exude a strong, goatlike odour.’