Definition of goat-antelope in English:



  • A ruminant mammal of a group that combines the characteristics of both goats and antelopes.

    Subfamily Caprinae, family Bovidae: tribes Rupicaprini (the chamois, goral, serow, and mountain goat) and Ovibonini (the musk ox and takin)

    • ‘The Aoudad, also known as the Barbary Sheep, is a goat-antelope found in the rocky mountains of North Africa.’
    • ‘The Markhor is a goat-antelope found in sparse woodland in the Western Himalayas.’
    • ‘The Mountain Goat is not a true goat, but is among a group called goat-antelopes.’
    • ‘Taxonomists finally determined that the musk-ox's closest relative is the golden takin, a goat-antelope of the mountainous regions of southeastern Tibet, northern Burma and western China.’
    • ‘They are part of the subfamily Caprinae also called rupicaprids or goat-antelopes.’