Definition of goanna oil in English:

goanna oil


mass nounAustralian
  • Oil made from the fat of a goanna (monitor lizard), regarded as a bush panacea.

    ‘he questioned the merits of goanna oil in curing sundry ills of the flesh’
    • ‘This brush with cancer had to be treated with a cancer brush and also a bottle of "goanna oil".’
    • ‘I met an old chap who used to grease his camp oven with goanna oil.’
    • ‘Aussies use goanna salve, made from goanna oil, as a household remedy.’
    • ‘Goanna oil was a popular remedy for many complaints.’
    • ‘I'm not sure how anyone discovered that goanna oil brightens shower screens.’
    • ‘It is genuine goanna oil and it is the best.’
    • ‘Our industrial chemists have at last managed to refine the goanna oil to such a level that we are guaranteed a world market.’
    • ‘You may be able to alleviate the problem by soaking it in goanna oil.’
    • ‘Many bush-dwellers will have been aware for generations of the alleged scientific merits of goanna oil in curing sundry ills the flesh is heir to.’
    • ‘She had rubbed goanna oil on their faces, necks, and limbs.’