Definition of goaltender in English:



North American
  • A goalkeeper, especially in ice hockey.

    • ‘He notes other ways goaltenders cheat - such as wearing their goalie pads loose so they drop in a way that covers the net better, even when they can't get into position.’
    • ‘At long last both the men and women's hockey squads achieved victory this past weekend, as goaltenders shined and players lit up the scoreboards, giving the coaching staffs of both these teams a reason to smile.’
    • ‘Much like goaltenders, defensemen mature slowly.’
    • ‘Apparently, some of the Avalanche goaltender's playoff magic has rubbed off on rookie left winger Alex Tanguay, who has lived in Roy's basement all season.’
    • ‘Here's a look at the goaltenders, defensemen and forwards who might never be in such a precarious spot again.’
    • ‘Teams have gone overseas to find battle-tested goaltenders and seasoned puck-handling defensemen to help run the power play.’
    • ‘That culture is also one of the reasons why America can produce higher-quality goaltenders than field players.’
    • ‘The Predators could make small strides this year, if they can find new ways to produce goals and if their goaltenders remain reliable.’
    • ‘And though Brodeur had played the puck a good 15 seconds before that, that gave him the first game-winning goal ever by a goaltender.’
    • ‘His quickness in going to the net often catches defensemen and goaltenders asleep.’
    • ‘Each team can protect players under one of the two following combinations: one goaltender, five defensemen and nine forwards or two goaltenders, three defensemen and seven forwards.’
    • ‘But one NHL team official says comparing different cities' prices is like comparing goaltenders to defensemen.’
    • ‘Sure, but the best defensemen and goaltenders would be up against the best of the offense.’
    • ‘Richter recorded nine postseason shutouts as the Rangers goaltender.’
    • ‘The only downside of his game is his handling of the puck - but goaltenders get paid to stop the puck [not to handle it].’
    • ‘He was coming off one of the more impressive Stanley Cup playoff runs any goaltender has had in recent years.’
    • ‘You still have to protect the goaltender - especially from incidental contact in the crease because goalies are fair game again.’
    • ‘‘I used to be a stand-up goaltender,’ says Rangers and Team USA goalie Mike Richter.’
    • ‘But he also noted that catchers didn't always wear masks, and neither did hockey goaltenders.’
    • ‘‘Their puck control is second to none,’ says Avalanche goaltender Patrick Roy.’
    • ‘Who would know more about a great playoffs goaltender than a great playoffs goaltender?’
    • ‘Several defensemen and goaltenders were equally deserving of consideration because of their critical importance to their teams' success.’
    • ‘Talking about the challenges and pressures he faced, O'Connell then worked his way through the coaches, forwards, defensemen and goaltenders and told them what they have to overcome.’
    • ‘The specialized playing positions of water polo are the goaltenders and the field players, who include athletes who play primarily in the center ward, center defense or wing positions.’
    • ‘However, Western goaltender Sara Pickard stopped all 19 shots that the Warriors were able to muster.’
    • ‘I remember being goaltender for most of the year because I was back-up goalie and the goaltender got the measles for most of the season.’
    • ‘Martin Brodeur is the best goaltender in hockey.’
    • ‘Dunham is a solid NHL goaltender, but he's never been the man in goal for a playoff run.’
    • ‘The opposition's top line and goaltender are obvious key players, but that doesn't tell the whole story of their teams.’
    • ‘They know how many times he has been whacked and hacked by opposing defensemen and goaltenders.’
    • ‘The game's dominant wingers play the right side, and a right-catching goaltender can be a tough puzzle for shooters to solve.’
    • ‘Theodore is not as good a puckhandler as Brodeur, but he is better with the puck than most goaltenders.’
    • ‘He was a star high school hockey goaltender who earned the nickname ‘The Wall’ before dropping out of school to pursue an acting career.’
    • ‘This proposed restriction on goaltenders keeps a player from using all of his skills.’
    • ‘But most coaches, Sutter included, say their best penalty killer is their goaltender.’
    • ‘Scott Stevens has shown in this year's playoffs that impact players don't have to be goal scorers or goaltenders.’
    • ‘The new rules restricting puck handling by goaltenders in the corners below the goal line inhibits one of Brodeur's greatest assets.’
    • ‘Instead, use the extra defensive player to free-lance or play goaltender.’
    • ‘And since its hard-bitten goaltender turned in three shutouts in the first round, the team's fans have turned rabid in the heat.’
    • ‘After that, the rule was changed to specify that a goaltender must defend against a penalty shot.’