Definition of goalscorer in English:



  • A player who scores a goal.

    ‘Sunderland's prolific goalscorer’
    • ‘You look at the goalscoring chart and he was our main goalscorer with 13 goals.’
    • ‘He has never been such a prolific goalscorer in domestic football, partly because clubs are more likely to use him in midfield.’
    • ‘The young Englishman, despite his goals in Portugal, is not a natural goalscorer in the vein of Pele.’
    • ‘If any club looses their main goalscorer it's going to affect their results because in-form strikers are hard to replace.’
    • ‘If the last month has proved anything, it is that the most prolific and reliable goalscorers are worth the worship they attract and the premium prices they fetch.’
    • ‘He is the leading goalscorer at Chiefs, with four goals this season.’
    • ‘Their top goalscorer is a defenceman whose six goals are almost as many as he has scored in his last six seasons.’
    • ‘The best forward in the world, arguably the most exciting footballer in the planet, great goalscorer and scorer of great goals.’
    • ‘They're a good defensive team with proven goalscorers in PC Drouin and Greg Hadden.’
    • ‘Already this season, he has got 6 and anyway, since when was the right winger in a team supposed to be a prolific goalscorer?’
    • ‘He is a prolific goalscorer and has a great eye for goal as his record shows that.’
    • ‘Argentina are one my favourites to win the cup because they have so many dangerous goalscorers in players such as Hernan Crespo and Gabriel Batistuta.’
    • ‘The goalscorer just can't score goals and never really threatened to.’
    • ‘You are playing with better players there so that helps and as a goalscorer you do sometimes rely on that better quality you get, the higher you play.’
    • ‘We have Fowler, a natural goalscorer who hasn't really proved himself for England, and the same can be said for Kevin Phillips.’
    • ‘But of the other forwards in his squad, none are prolific, natural goalscorers.’
    • ‘Goalkeepers, like great goalscorers, win and lose titles, as Sir Alex Ferguson, the Manchester United manager, has acknowledged.’
    • ‘Still, he got his try and, like the prolific goalscorers in football, they are all welcome no matter how they eventuate.’
    • ‘The towering striker is vital in linking his team's play and as a goalscorer, and he had put the Czechs ahead.’
    • ‘I was Gillingham's most famous player, their top goalscorer, their highest earner.’